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Reviewer Comments
"Both (PSI-Plot & ProStat) are easy to learn and use, and there is good set of tutorials is provided. I was productive in a couple of minutes, and a guinea pig with no prior statistics software experience produced useful graphics and results after half an hour with no support other than the built in help system."

"For the many science areas, locations and users for which an exploratory, task-focused, work station level tool is more appropriate and more productive than a corporate level package, either of these would be an excellent choice. "

------ Scientific Computing World (see full review click here)

"( PSI-Plot) is pleasant to use, and offers a very high degree of flexibility and sophistication, without generating any of the computational insomnia that is so often associated with complex software products on the market. Strongly recommended."

------Materials Research Bulletin

"In comparison to its biggest competitor in the technical plotting market, SigmaPlot, PSI-Plot comes out as the best value for everyday work. While both offer a large variety of 2D and 3D plot types, PSI-Plot is less expensive, runs faster, offers more extensive statistical analysis capabilities, and is less demanding of the host computer in terms of CPU power, RAM, and hard disk space.

... PSI-Plot for Windows is easy to use, included the plotting and analysis tools most commonly used in biological sciences, and is economical in terms of both computer resources and the customer's budget."

------ The Quarterly Review of Biology

"The package (PSI-Plot) as a whole is superior to the introductory statistics course I took at the University of Iowa. ... and (PSI-Plot) has spectacular graphics."
"If you need to plot data, examine data, or process blocks of data, I recommend this package (PSI-Plot). ... when it comes time to do things with your data, PSI-Plot is the package to have on your computer."

"It's easy to use, the manual is clear and provides many examples, and the menus are close to intuitive."

------EDN Magazine

"PSI-Plot, version 4.5, from PolySoftware International, is an impressive combination of powerful data analysis and excellent plotting options. I was especially impressed by the handling of 3-D plots. Manipulating data in the worksheet is a breeze, and the numerous worksheet options make data tranforms, column fills and function plots fast and easy. In addition, data analysis features include several basic statistical tests as well as an impressive list of powerful mathematical features to interpolate, fit, and smooth data.

...Both 2-D and 3-D plots are very easy to create, and the user has full control of plot and label attributes such as background color, color gradients, size and thickness."

------Biotechnology Software Journal

"PSI-Plot is noteworthy for its array of mathematical tools and easy-to-use 3D capabilities. It's well thought out, with a superb tutorial, ... The program breezed through my test suite with barely a hiccup. ... PSI-Plot really stands out in its array of mathematical tools. ... Especially slick are the methods for defining multiple curves in a single plot and for defining extra axes."

------ Desktop Engineering

"If you need to plot data and your spreadsheet isn't up to the job, consider PSI-Plot, which offers more plot types and options than similarly priced plotting packages.

...Engineers don't live by graphs alone. so the software includes many operations that perform interpolation, regression, non-linear curve fitting, statistical, and digittal-signal-processing tasks."

------ Test & Measurement World

"Poly Software International's PSIPlot supports variant coordinate systems. PSI-Plot, first introduced in 1992 by Poly Software, is perhaps one of the most cost-beneficial applications on the market ..."

------ The Scientist

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User's Comments


"I just wanted to write and say that I really love my PSI-Plot and the new features implemented in 7.8. Thanks for the great work."

------Yehudi Levine, Debye Institute, The Netherlands

"The program is great! There is an excellent attempt to take the best aspects of several programs, such as Origin, SigmaPlot and Slide Write Plus without getting too lost in options and complexity."

------Dr. Bernard E. McCarey,Emory University School of Medicine

"PSI-Plot is an excellent program. I was able to nevigate through the menus and produce the desired output with minimal referance to the documentation. For a person knowledgeable in the operation of microsoft Windows, there is no leaning curve. The quality of output on a HP LaserJet is exceptional."

------William R. Lincoln, CEO, Michigan Valley Company Co.

"This is just to tell you what a delightful piece of software I found PSI-Plot to be. I bought one copy before Christmas to try out in my January senior level course in Experimental Physics. Everyone who used the program was delighted, which is why we just ordered five additional copies for permanent use in the laboratory.

The convenience and ease of use was outstanding, as was the speed. The students enjoyed processing lots of data and the great user defined functions."

------Gary Kessler, Professor, Illinois Wesleyan University

"Your software was made all the better by allowing me to customize beautiful summary graphs, with multiple curves and ordinate axes, and full control of background and foreground line weightings and legend box, as well as support for importing these graphs into word-processor documents."

------David A. Roberts, Vice President of Cleveland Crystals, Inc.

"The entire package of PSI-Plot offers a high degree of flexibility and sophistication for undergraduate engineering students. It is superior and complementary to many engineering design and computational courses."

------Dr. K. Haile, Tuskegee University, Chemical Engineering Dept

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