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Gallery of Plots - 2D Axes

PSI-Plot and ProStat support over 20 commonly used axis modes for making plots with a professional appearance. These modes include linear scale (normal linear, exponential linear, 10 based, date, day, month, text, etc), semi-log, log-log, log(log), decibel (dB), BER (Bit Error Ratio), probability, probit, and logit. For each given mode, different axis attributes allow you to design your axis in great detail. In addition, PSI-Plot also supports special coordinate systems, such as Smith, Nichols, polar, and ternary.

Sample plots

Axis modes (linear scale)

Axis modes (special scale)

Axis attributes

Sample Plots


Probability vs. Linear


Log vs. Linear


Axis break


Smith chart

smith chart


Polar chart


Ternary plot


Nichols chart




Axis modes: linear scale


Axis modes: special scale


Axis attributes

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