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What is the difference between PSI-Plot and ProStat ?

PSI-Plot and ProStat share a lot of common parts in data analysis and plotting, but each of them has its own emphases. For data analysis, PSI-Plot targets more generic mathematical problems such as an algebraic equation solver, matrix manipulation, ordinary differential equation (ODE) solver, difference equation solver, and digital signal processing, while ProStat aims at advanced statistical analysis (click here to see the comparison of highlighted features). For plotting, both programs do the same in 2D and 3D Cartesian coordinate systems. But PSI-Plot supports other special coordinate systems as well, such as polar systems, spherical systems, cylindrical systems, ternary, and Smith.

Does PSI-Plot (or ProStat) run under a network ?

Both PSI-Plot and Prostat run under networks. By default, the software we will ship is a single user version. If you want to purchase the network version, you need to specify how many site licenses you need. We will ship the network version to our software license holder only.

Which kind of return policy do you carry ?

Poly Software International carries a 30 day, No-Questions-Asked return policy for both PSI-Plot and ProStat. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the software you purchased, you can simply send back the software and ask for a full refund (at purchase price) within 30 days.

Do you accept Purchase Orders ?

We accept Purchase Orders from institutes. For companies, we accept Purchase Orders only if your company has an account set up with us or software upgrades (or returning customers). For all Purchase Orders, a hardcopy of your Purchase Order Form (via fax or mail) with your accounts payable information (phone, address) must be enclosed.

Do PSI-Plot and ProStat support Windows 7 ?

Yes, the latest versions of the PSI-Plot and ProStat support Windows 7 in both 32-bit and 64-bit operating environments.

I am a registered user of PSI-Plot (or ProStat). Do I need send in the registration form for the upgrade?

No. If you are a registered user with us or if you purchased our products direct from us, you do not need send in the registration form.

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