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 Technical Support: ProStat

If your problem is not listed below, please send us an email ( or call (845-735-9301) us for support.


Download updated executables

Note: To install the newest ProStat v6.5 executable (compiled on April 25, 2012), you must have ProStat version 6.5 installed first.

stat65.exe is a self-extracting file, please save it to a temporary folder and then run it to extract the prostat.exe file.  By default, it will replace the file at c:\program files\psi\prostat\prostat.exe. If you installed ProStat at a different folder, make should that prostat.exe file has been updated.  Click here to download.

I have upgraded my operating system to NT/Win2000/XP/Vista/Win7, but my version of  ProStat does not work.

The latest versions of ProStat run under all the Windows platforms. For earlier versions, you need the NT/Win2000/XP edition of ProStat to run under NT/Win2000/XP/Vista/Win7.

Will the new version of PSI-Plot/ProStat read files created with older versions ?

Both PSI-Plot and ProStat are back compatible. The cross compatibility relation between these two programs are listed as follows:

PSI-Plot version 10.5

ProStat version 6.5

PSI-Plot version 10

ProStat version 6.0

PSI-Plot version 9.5

ProStat version 5.5

PSI-Plot version 9.0

ProStat version 5.0

PSI-Plot version 8.0

ProStat version 4.0

PSI-Plot version 7.8

ProStat version 3.8

PSI-Plot version 7.0

ProStat version 3.0

PSI-Plot version 6.5

ProStat version 2.5

PSI-Plot version 6.0

ProStat version 2.0

PSI-Plot version 5.5

ProStat version 1.6

Under Win 2000/XP/Vista/Win7, I get a file I/O error message when running some data analysis functions.

This problem has been taken care of in the latest versions of ProStat. For earlier versions, this error message popped up when the program failed to write a reporting file (permission denial from the program default folder). Typically it happens when you install the program with one login name and run the program with another login name. Make sure you install the program and run the program under the same login name. If you  need to run the program under multiple users, you need the network edition of the program.

Vista compatibility

ProStat version 5.0 or newer version is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. 

I have problem to export graph in PDF and PostScript under Vista

To solve this problem, you need turn off the User Account Control (under the Vista Control Panel | Users Account) and then run ProStat.  ProStat will automatically fix this problem for you.  After the problem has been fixed, you can turn on the User Account Control again.

I have exported a graph in EPS format, but I can not view it under GSView

This problem is due to the bounding box setting, you can fix it easily by checking the "EPS Clip" option under the Options menu of the GSView program.


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