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--Statistical Analysis and Data Presentation

EASY TO USE: Prostat is special designed for scientists and engineers, and minimal computer experience is required. Thirteen tutorial lessons are included to give users a quick start.

POWERFUL:Prostat provides a powerful data sheet in which you can enter your data and begin analyzing immediately. You can also easily generate data from a variety of predefined functions. For data analysis, ProsStat includes a full range of basic statistical methods and advanced multivariate statistical methods. For commonly used distributions, ProStat provides a convenient facility for conversion of area probabilities and critical values. ProStat also provides many mathematical methods for data manipulation, such as mathematical transformation, numerical integration and differentiation, and FFT. ProStat has a powerful plot window in which you can easily plot your data and statistical results. More than twenty 2D and 3D plot types are built in. A variety of plot-editing tools enable you to achieve publication-quality graphs. Your graphs can be easily exported into fifteen popular graphic formats for use in your word processing or presentation software.


ProStat Offers:

  • powerful scientific spreadsheet
  • user friendly interface: easy to learn, easy to use
  • data management over 100 million data points
  • data import from Excel, ASCII, CSV, Access, DBase, etc.
  • easy to learn, easy to use with step-by-step guided tutorial lessons
  • a wide range of statistical techniques
  • data interpolation and regression
  • experimental model builder
  • multiple regression and stepwise regression
  • logistic regression
  • descriptive statistics
  • data testing: t-test, F-test, nonparametric
  • factor analysis with rotation
  • principal component analysis
  • cluster analysis
  • discriminant analysis
  • correspondence analysis
  • canonical analysis
  • correlation analysis
  • time series analysis
  • singular spectrum analysis
  • dose-response analysis
  • FFT and Fourier transform
  • spectacular 2D and 3D graphics
  • object oriented graphics editing tool
  • impressive slide presentation
  • embedding graphs in MS Word and PowerPoint
  • export graph to PDF, PostScript, EPS, JPG, GIF, BMP, WMF, EMF,  PNG, and TIF.
  • superior publication quality output
  • More Detail...

    Compare PSI-Plot with ProStat

    Download Demo

    System Requirements

    PC running Microsoft Windows, including Win98/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8.


    Package Contents

    Program CD and printed users' manual with nine well-designed tutorial lessons.


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